Nadine Roberts Cornish

Nadine Roberts Cornish is the founder of the Caregiver’s Guardian, LLC.  She has an extensive background in public health education and served as an independent consultant for 15 years with California’s Department of Health Services where she provided expertise on some of the state’s most innovative social marketing campaigns.  Nadine’s most important role was as a 15 year caregiver to her mother.  That journey was so complete that when it ended, Nadine didn’t think she would ever have to utter the word or think about caregiving again.  A year after her mother’s death, Nadine knew without a doubt that caregiving consulting, education and coaching would be her life’s work.  For the past seven years she has care managed, consulted with and supported caregivers across the country.

Those experiences were the catalyst for her inaugural book, “Tears In My Gumbo…The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience” which launched on October 12th, 2016.

Nadine attended the University of New Orleans where she studied Business Administration.  She later earned a professional Certification in Gerontology at the University of Colorado, Coloraodo Springs.   She is a Certified Senior Advisor, Freedom Coach and Elite Life Coach and Founder of the TSE Master Mind Group for women business owners.

As a coach, and caregiver consultant Nadine has assisted hundreds of family through consultation and support services and education, training and resources.  As guardian to caregivers, she reinforces the non-negotiable message of self care and is there for her clients in their most difficult hours.  As a speaker and author, Nadine is passionate about educating and raising awareness about the challenges faced by caregivers. At the core of the messages she offers and the coaching modalities she implements is a spiritual base which supports and sustains the important work that she does in the world.

In launching her inaugural book, Tears In My Gumbo, The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience, Nadine has also launched a movement she calls, “The Care-ocity” Movement where her mission is to spread the message of caring around the world.  She invites individuals, organizations, churches and businesses to join her on this most important endeavor.