Jean Hendry

As the founder of Be Brilliant, an Executive Presence & Image consulting firm, Jean focuses on supporting women in confidently living the fullest version of themselves by recognizing and owning their unique, authentic gifts and power (both internally and externally) and presenting their Brilliant Best to the world.

So many women lack confidence, questioning if they have what it takes to fully step into their own power and magnificence. Jean has walked that thorny path! Her own transformation evolved through many years of self-doubt, low self-esteem and “not good enough-itis” into recognizing and loving her gifts, her uniqueness and her beauty, and confidently sharing them with the world. She’d like to say she’s “slayed the lack-of-confidence dragon,” but it still occasionally rears its ugly head – and one of the things she teaches is how to put out its fire.

Her passion is helping women escape the traps and claim the presence and power that is rightfully theirs. Jean’s deepest desire is that every woman has the confidence, the self-esteem and the tools to live into her fullest life expression.

Jean speaks, teaches and coaches to share advice and perspective on how to break through self-limiting barriers in business, community and life through a positive self-image, both inside and out. She has worked with hundreds of women in leadership roles in large corporations, mid-sized businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries.

Are you ready to stand in YOUR Brilliance?