Debbie Foster

Debbie Foster is charismatic, compassionate and creative and feels most alive surrounded by children.

Of all her jobs (and there have been many!) teaching preschool will always be her favorite because little people are authentic, hysterical and always in-the-moment.

Being diagnosed with bi-polar and adhd at age 29 changed the trajectory of Debbie’s life. Backwards she went…from a social butterfly to a caterpillar holed up in a cocoon.

14 years, 13 prescriptions, 5 shrinks, one divorce, thousands of hours on Netflix and 8 jobs later, Debbie has become an expert in “being bi-polar” and after successfully being off all medications for 5 months, she is reemerging from her cocoon.

An intuitive friend once told her that she wasn’t going through this for nothing.

Debbie wants to help others understand the beauty of a bi-polar brain, show others with brains like hers how they can support their own families and friends (its hardest on them!) and inspire others to come out of the closet once and for all.