Cheetah McClellan

Cheetah McClellan is a middle school language arts teacher and the founder of the Women’s March on Denver.

Cheetah’s passion lies in walking in her talk, and empowering others, especially young girls, to do the same.

As a woman, teacher and a mother, she is compelled to continue her activism and has recently begun a class for middle schoolers that will enable them to have an impact on their community through different forms of outreach, event planning and service learning.

In addition, Cheetah hosts writing workshops for local activists and is working on a project entitled Stories of the Women’s March in which she seeks to highlight how many people’s lives changed on January 21, 2017 and since.

When not teaching or writing, Cheetah can be found in her backyard, hanging out with her family and their chickens, or in an affordable French café.